Etsy Wire Goddess Team Treasury

Here's a treasury I made up of fellow Wire Goddess Team members.  Feel free to click on any picture to get more details about a piece.   Hope you enjoy it!


Elizabeth said...

Shay!!! I ahve jsut discovered your wonderful work thru our shared adventures in making SOUP!!! Wonderful to meet yOU!! I am in awe of you and your work! I even read your post about trying out the whole lamp work deal and I ahd the very same emotions all the way thru !! Very excited to start kind of frustrated in teh middle (big learning curve) and ahppy at the end when I could go home and say that I didn't HAVE to buy more stuff and carve out yet another new space!! Good thing as not soon after we moved across the country!!!!! Who is going to buy beads from the lamp workers already out there if we are all doing it????
So I so wish that I lived closer to you!! I don;t know if you teach but I would love to learn to wire wrap as beautifully as you do it!! AMazing work and beautiful color and texture choices!!! I will be back and I added you to my circle on ETSY!!!
Wrap on Girl!!

Shay Stone said...

Hey Elizabeth! It's so great to meet you! I'm going to go write you more in an Etsy convo, so I can be sure you get my response :) And... thank you SO much!

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