I Am So Blessed...

Today I got to ride my bike up the hill to our local market - kind of an informal little farmers market with lots of love, peace and yummy food. Yesterday was the first time I rode my bike in over a year and a half due to my wrist issues so needless to say, I am a happy woman!

So, today, as I was riding up the very dusty dirt road and loving life, I got to gaze at the tremendous view of the close and distant hills. Love.. It. I went to the market to pick up our local CSA (community supported agriculture) veggies. Boy do I love CSA! We got garlic, onions, potatoes, peppers, green beans, tomatoes, basil, apples, carrots, and beets. I also bought some homemade blackberry jam, extra green beans, homemade bread, cookies, blackberries and dinner for two. Oh ya... and our weekly bouquet of flowers. And on top of that I got to chat with folks and make a connection with 2 sweet women who are interested in some jewelry so we'll be getting together to talk about what they'd like to have. How awesome is that?

As I had to strap it all to the bike, it was kind of a fun little adventure, with the flowers peaking their heads up into the wind. Fortunately I was a pretty good wind block, though there was a casualty or two. When I got home, I decided to snap a few photos to share with you! So... here you go :)

This lovely woman is Amber. She is part of the team
that puts together the yummy CSA veggies! She's also wearing a garnet and lapis necklace that she bought from me at the market.

A couple of pics of my bike with loot on the back. That crate is full of veggies and flowers!

A side saddlebag holding my leather jacket, homemade jam, and bread. Score!

Above are a few photos of the market. It's called the "Gravel Pit" due to that big dug out dirt hill behind everyone. In one of the photo's you'll see some jewelry set up - that's my stuff, though I don't typically get up there to vend because I'm such a wuss in the heat! It's such a great little gathering of locals buying and selling local goods, eating food, and partaking in locally made beer and wine.

This is Amy Rouse who is an herbalist and vitalist who vends her lovely goods at the market, and is also wearing a necklace that she purchased from me. Here's her website so you can check out her awesome goods. www.backyardremedies.com

I hope you all are feeling the love!
~ Shay


laurelmoon said...

What a wonderful farmer's market! Ours is brand new this year and still growing. I hope that we get a lot of new vendors and it turns into something great!

Shay Stone said...

It is isn't it? It's not actually our official "farmers market" That is a it more organized and in town rather than up in the hills. I love any market like this though! I hope you get lots of new vendors as well. What a great place to meet new people and feel the love eh? Good luck!

amy said...

Looks great! I love fresh markets like that!

Shay Stone said...

They are great aren't they?!

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