Finding My Magick

It's something I yearn for, dream of, contemplate, desire.

It is Native American, Pagan, Druid, African and so many other religions, cultures and heritages that I do not know.

It is a sensing... intense, sad, powerful, energizing, invigorating, healing, loving, longing, warm, aching, creating, beautiful.

It is leather, bones, copper, silver, aged, wise, hammered, soft, hard, flowing.

It calls to me.

One day I will find and truly understand my Magick.

One day soon I hope.

More wire work

I hope you are all doing most wonderfully today!

I'm doing good and keeping busy as ever. I'm still working on photographing and listing (and cleaning and organizing and.... ). This is the second time I've set up an Etsy shop, though I've got more to list the second time around. I forgot how much work it takes to get it all going. I keep thinking that I can't imagine putting this many hours into the computer, with no creating time. Then I just have to remember that once it's all listed, I get to make things and list them as I finish them. I will get to make things again!

Here is one of my recent listings. I was going to show you more, but either blogger or my connection is getting in the way!

This is my first wrap with balled wire ends that I heated up with a torch. It was fun and I'll probably play with it more one of these days. I just adore that slice of watermelon tourmaline though. It's a bitty thing and so pretty! I have a good number of slices that I can't wait to make into a very rich and colorful necklace one of these days.

Sweet Dreams...

Muscovite Joy Ride

I've called this one Muscovite Joy Ride because I can't help but think of a roller coaster when I look at the wire weaving around and around. It makes me smile.
This is one that I've really enjoyed looking at and haven't wanted to sell, but I'm finally ready to let it move on.
Farewell sweet muscovite!

6 Things

I saw this on a a wonderful artists site: Lorelei's Blog: In side the Studio. I thought I'd pass it on to you:)

How it works: I will answer the below very random questions - then you can answer the questions as a comment. Feel free to post to your blog and carry it on.

1. Today I feel... Pretty good and focused on improving my jewelry photography!

2. This week... I'm going to get a step closer to organized, hang out with friends and get some work done.

3. Last night...I worked on jewelry photos and read a good book. Hmmmm... I'm sensing a jewelry theme here.

4. Lately the song stuck in my head is... Nothing in particular which is nice for a change.

5.My favorite pet memory is ...I'd have to say it's more of a combination of "Little Cat's" life all rolled up in to one warm and marvelous memory. It's sad and wonderful.

6. What is currently at the top of your Christmas wish list?...Okay, this sounds crazy, but when I read this question, I realized my answer was...nothing! That was a pretty cool thought. Guess it's because I'm in the process of trying to get rid of stuff?

Fairly recent jewelry pieces

Since I'm not being able to make jewelry, I'm slowly working on photographing some. Here are a couple of pieces I've made in the last 6 months or so. The first is a sweet piece of malachite wrapped in silver and the second is one of my goddess/angel/fairy beings that is part of a new series called "The Winged Ones" I was having lots of fun with those before I had to take a break!

It'll be interesting to see how much I can get done photo-wise. I can so easily get distracted by all the other FUN things that I could be doing! But, I do need to keep up the photos so that I have something to share with you:-) I could just ramble and ramble on without sharing photos, but what fun is that? Well, okay, that can be fun too.
Ooookaaaayyyyy... back to work for me!

Not helping! (but she thinks she is)

Need I say more?

Oh but I must. Isn't she just the cutest thing? I know you dog people may be rolling your eyes, but I can't help it!

If you don't know, this is a light tent for photographing jewelry. It's a place one likes to keep very clean and lint free. Hmmm....

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Inspired by Iza Malczyk's tutorials

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