First necklace in awhile

I made this necklace yesterday. It had been a long time since doing a beaded necklace because I've been so focused on the wire working. Now, of course, I can't wait to make another one!
This piece is comprised of amber, amethyst and sterling silver. The silver pendant is something I bought then added a little wire work to. I find the stone combination very warm and welcoming. Amber is known to be an invigorating stone, boosting energy and enthusiasm, while amethyst will help you maintain emotional equilibrium and stability. A very nice combo I think!

The next one

Well here is my second attempt at this bracelet. I actually had a more difficult time getting this one done because I couldn't get the wraps tight and even. They still aren't, but for now, this is what I've got. I was still working with wire that wasn't quite right. In this case, I used a slightly larger gauge for the frame and a dead soft for the wrap rather than half hard. I usually think that using soft rather than hard is easier, but I'll be curious to see if it is true when I get the right wire. I can't figure out how the instructor doesn't scratch the heck out of it when using the pliers. Another big thing I'm working on!
Okay so here it is: (one of the photos includes my first chainmaille bracelet.)

Learning to weave wire

I was wandering around in the bookstore and found this book on weaving wire. Of course I was excited about it so I bought it and brought it home to try. Here is my first attempt at a bracelet. Its a far cry from being what I want, but it's a start and it was fun to make. I had to do it with square and round wire rather than half round, so I'll be curious to see how it goes when I have the right wire. I think it'll be a little bit easier and hopefully not so many scratches and dents from the pliers! So anyway.. here it is in its beginners beauty!

The art blog

Welcome to my personal photo album and journal of artwork. My primary focus these days is on jewelry,so that is mostly what will be in here. For now, I'll post this piece that I made recently. It is a necklace pendant made with muscovite and sterling silver.
More to come!!

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