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Well here is my second attempt at this bracelet. I actually had a more difficult time getting this one done because I couldn't get the wraps tight and even. They still aren't, but for now, this is what I've got. I was still working with wire that wasn't quite right. In this case, I used a slightly larger gauge for the frame and a dead soft for the wrap rather than half hard. I usually think that using soft rather than hard is easier, but I'll be curious to see if it is true when I get the right wire. I can't figure out how the instructor doesn't scratch the heck out of it when using the pliers. Another big thing I'm working on!
Okay so here it is: (one of the photos includes my first chainmaille bracelet.)


Maddy Avena said...

I love that you do this. I find it so thrilling to see how the creative muse manifests so differently in each of us. I love the little spiral pendant I got from you at the women's festival. I finally gave T the hair stick and keychain(?) that I got then too, but hid to give her on her birthday. So we have Shay in the house.

Shay said...

Hey Maddy:) Better late than never huh? I'm with you on enjoying how the muse manifests in us all. I'm so glad you have some Shay in the house! I get to enjoy some Maddy every time I use your awesome salve!

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