New bracelet in the works

Here's a bit of what I'm working on right now. Its a bracelet made up of Argentium sterling silver wire, Karen Hill Tribe silver beads, and emerald and sapphire beads. I'm doing little bits on it each day and really enjoying it. I may add another gemstone to it -- garnet perhaps? Your guess is as good as mine as to how it will turn out!

Full of Wildlife

We've been having all kinds of raccoon and snake activity around here lately. I've been trying to catch and relocate a snake, but this one has been eluding me -- the nerve! The raccoons are a pair who were first hanging around a couple of weeks ago. I've shot a number of photos of them while they've been checking everything out.

First they were under the deck and on the ground, then as you see the photos of them looking through the window, they are staring at me while I'm working on jewelry! I find their behavior so fascinating and think they are adorably cute, but not good to have around. I've seen them fighting with one another and they are downright vicious. We are being very careful about when we let the kitties out and are watching them especially after run ins with the rattlesnake.

To top it off, one of the raccoons was in our garden eating the strawberries this morning in daylight! We were shocked to say the least, as we were already outside with the cats and Jesse just happened to look up and see the raccoon. Fortunately we got the cats in before they saw the coon. I certianly hope to never have them encounter one another. I suspect the raccoon will just run away, but I also think the kids will chase after them. Oh.. the wildlife excitement around here! The raccoons are also taking shiny silver objects and moving them around on the property. They're so intriguing to me.

Here's a photo of the cats watching them. Too funny!

On another note, I have been in a rather long creative slump lately, thus not much posting here, but it is finally turning around and I'm in the studio working everyday so I hope to have some more jewelry to share with you. Woohoo! I'm currently working on a bracelet with sterling wire, and emerald and sapphire beads. I'm having lots of fun with it, and will definitely share a photo when I've got it done.

Hope you are all wonderful today:)

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