Home, sweet home

Don't get me wrong, I love visiting my family though this last trip was under fairly stressful circumstances, which are significantly less stressful now. I jumped on a plane in quite a rush when I went out there, leaving things here in a bit of a chaotic mess. You know, I honestly don't know who I pray to - I'm still working on that part of my life - but I do have my own form of prayer, and I feel blessed and am so thankful that my mom is doing well. I am always aware of how blessed I am in my life, but right now, I'm a bit more thankful than usual:)

I sure am enjoying being back in the hills now. It's getting a bit chilly here, especially over in my computer corner where I'm typing away, but damn I missed the trees and mountains! Not to mention cats and partner:) While away, I came to appreciate and yearn for central heat, stores being a mere 5 minutes away, significantly more affordable housing, being in a "town". But as soon as I arrived home, I remembered why I live way out here in the middle of nowhere. It's me. It can be hard, it can be cold and frustrating, but it is so beautiful in so many ways. I love that we get most of our electricity from solar panels. As much as I hate lugging firewood around, I cherish the heat that a woodstove puts out. There's nothing like curling up in that glowing warmth and reading a good book.

So yes, I'm happy to be home:) The one thing I'm not happy about is that my carpal tunnel is kicking my butt again. I was really enjoying working on some custom orders on my travels home and then one day my hands screamed, "NO MORE!" So now, I walk around babying this sad little wrist -- at least it's only one wrist right now! Carrying firewood in with one hand isn't the most fun, but it will only last for so long. For now I await the doctor's visit where I will get a referral to either have the CT surgery or go with another cortizone type shot. I can't decide which way I want to go, but one or the other will be very welcome!

I can't even tell you how much I want to be making jewelry right now! GRRRRRRrrrrr!!

Instead I will try to focus on everything else jewelry related. I have so many pieces that I've never photographed and put online. Maybe now I'll get a chance to get it done! I'm so bad... a bit of a hoarder of finished pieces. It's not that I don't want to let them go, I'm just awful at making that happen. In my perfect world I would make my stuff then hand it to someone else to do all the marketing and selling. Problem with that (well aside from I can't afford it) is that I'd miss out on connecting with people. I love the people I meet online in the various jewelry communities I am a part of and I certainly love meeting people who are interested in my work.

I wouldn't trade a thing if it meant losing my online friends. It's funny how meeting folks online goes. I mean, I know that a lot of us wouldn't ever meet if we were out in the world. Whether it be how we look, where we live, what we believe in, what we do - there are so many things that sadly separate us. I appreciate this virtual place where we can just be who we are at heart. At least I hope that is who you are being - I believe I am. I appreciate this place that I can type away without worrying about anything but what comes from within. In my physical world, I'm not the prettiest, I'm shy, I'm depressed, I'm disabled. - I've got my issues. I'm also caring, loving, creative, a good friend and a pretty decent person. We are all so much! I guess all my rambling is coming to the sappy conclusion that I love you guys, I appreciate all that I have and that we have together. Okay now.. enough that crap!!

Happy being, creating, loving, sharing... (see, I just can't stop!)....

Business name change and life in general

Hey all,
Just a couple of things I wanted to let you know about. The first thing is that I've been away from home for awhile on family business, so I've not been very active online. I hope to be back at it soon though! I've been real busy here, but am still finding time to squeeze in a little jewelry work when I can. I KNOW you know how that is.

The other news is that I've changed business names. It's been a bit of a journey for me -- choosing the right name. About as hard for me as figuring out who I "am" or what the meaning of life is. LOL.. okay not quite that bad, but it's up there. On Etsy, I went from "Shay Stone" to "Heart & Stone" and finally now to "All-That-I-Am". It's been a search to try to convey what I feel like creating is all about for me; how what we make represents us and our histories and experiences; how a bit of "all of us" goes into everything that we do. And on the other side is the buyer and their connection with something they fall in love with. I want something I've made to both represent "all that I am" as well as for the buyer "all that they are". When we both feel that connection through this creation, life is good:)

So anyway.. Woo Hoo! I'm there. I haven't made it official on the license yet because I'm still stumped with the ending.

What do you think?

All-That-I-Am Handcrafted Jewelry
All-That-I-Am Jewelry
All-That-I-Am Jewelry Designs
All-That-I-Am Creations

All-That-I-Am...???? Anything else?

I'd love to hear your input. I am trying to show that it is jewelry that I make, though it does make for a long name!

I hope you are doing great and if you are not, that it comes to you soon:)

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