Business name change and life in general

Hey all,
Just a couple of things I wanted to let you know about. The first thing is that I've been away from home for awhile on family business, so I've not been very active online. I hope to be back at it soon though! I've been real busy here, but am still finding time to squeeze in a little jewelry work when I can. I KNOW you know how that is.

The other news is that I've changed business names. It's been a bit of a journey for me -- choosing the right name. About as hard for me as figuring out who I "am" or what the meaning of life is. LOL.. okay not quite that bad, but it's up there. On Etsy, I went from "Shay Stone" to "Heart & Stone" and finally now to "All-That-I-Am". It's been a search to try to convey what I feel like creating is all about for me; how what we make represents us and our histories and experiences; how a bit of "all of us" goes into everything that we do. And on the other side is the buyer and their connection with something they fall in love with. I want something I've made to both represent "all that I am" as well as for the buyer "all that they are". When we both feel that connection through this creation, life is good:)

So anyway.. Woo Hoo! I'm there. I haven't made it official on the license yet because I'm still stumped with the ending.

What do you think?

All-That-I-Am Handcrafted Jewelry
All-That-I-Am Jewelry
All-That-I-Am Jewelry Designs
All-That-I-Am Creations

All-That-I-Am...???? Anything else?

I'd love to hear your input. I am trying to show that it is jewelry that I make, though it does make for a long name!

I hope you are doing great and if you are not, that it comes to you soon:)


Swati said...

You know that I LOVE it! :-)))) Congratulations on the change!!! All paperwork done?

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Hi Shay - I agree finding just the right name is SO hard! Even though it's long, I vote for your first option, since it's the most accurately descriptive. I think it's important to include the word handcrafted (or something similar) to distinguish your work from mass produced stuff.
Or how about All-That-I-Am Designer Jewelry? I prefer how that sounds, but does 'designer' imply 'handcrafted'? I'm not sure.

Shay Stone said...

Thanks Swati dear:) Nope... paperwork isn't done yet! Maybe I can get to it when I get back home. Too busy right now!

Shay Stone said...

Thanks Deborah, that's another good one you suggested. I think I actually go back and forth. One day I think "Jewelry Designs" and the next I think "Jewelry" and the next I think..... (you get the idea!)

I like the sound of Designs as well and I don't think it's necessary to say handmade or handcrafted, but I like the personal feel of it since that is what I like in the business. I like "designer jewelry" though. I hadn't thought of that.

Thanks for the input!

K S Jewellery Designs said...

Hi Shay - I agree that sometimes thinking of names is really difficult (like choosing a name for your unborn child - then when they are born and you name them, soon you can't imagine them called anything else and wondered why you spent so long choosing!)

Personally, I chose to add 'Jewellery Designs' to my business name because I wanted it to be clear what I made and that I am a 'designer' at heart (or try to be!).

You are, without question, a designer because your work is so unique, so my vote goes with 'All-That-I-Am Jewelry Designs'.

Good luck
Kristin :)

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Shay!

Well, I don't know how much I will help here, however, I do LOVE the name change. It conveys a great feeling and that is great for all concerned.

As far as adding to the end of it, I like Jewelry Designs or Designer Jewelry. This is where I'm not sure I'm helping. They convey what you do. How unique your work is. You are a jewelry designer. Which one really speaks to you?

Great to have you back in the blog-o-sphere. Let us know what you choose.

Happy creating my friend.

Shay Stone said...

Thanks for your kind words and your input. I appreciate it!

Shay Stone said...

Thanks Kathleen,
I'm glad that you like the name. I sure do look forward to getting back into the blog-o-sphere soon. I've got to visit you and see all the beauties you've been making!

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