Finding My Magick

It's something I yearn for, dream of, contemplate, desire.

It is Native American, Pagan, Druid, African and so many other religions, cultures and heritages that I do not know.

It is a sensing... intense, sad, powerful, energizing, invigorating, healing, loving, longing, warm, aching, creating, beautiful.

It is leather, bones, copper, silver, aged, wise, hammered, soft, hard, flowing.

It calls to me.

One day I will find and truly understand my Magick.

One day soon I hope.


Swati said...

I hope that is not far Shay...I want you to find your magick too. In jewelry, and in life in general. ((((hugs)))

Shay Stone said...

And for you too Swati! (((((((((More Hugs)))))))))

Kathleen Krucoff said...

As I am reading "backwards" in your blog, I think you are finding your magick and I am very happy for you.

Shay Stone said...

LOL.. thanks Kathleen. I'm looking for it and maybe finding some of it:)

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