As IF I Needed Any More Art Supplies ...

I went to a local consignment/thrift shop that I had never been to before and found some fun art supplies, which I imagine you can glean from the title, I * do * not * need *.

But when has need been a factor in us art supply hoarders? Sigh... You'd think I especially should know I shouldn't get more when I'm in the midst of cleaning my studio and trying to figure out where in the heck I can fit what's already in there, let alone that new (used) tacklebox of enamel supplies that I bought from a local artist letting them go - Score! Who cares that I've never used enamels, and don't have a torch or kiln. I want to have those things so I might as well be prepared!

I got some sharpie paint pens that paint in oil colors. I didn't even know these things exist. Cool! I've been reading some inspirational books that I got from our "local" (2 hour drive) Borders book store that is going out of business. I have really mixed feelings about this because I am fairly anti-corporation, but damn I do enjoy that store! I equally love my local used book store and smaller new book stores, but honestly, they don't have many craft books and those are the kinds of things that I can't commit to buying (and thus ordering) until I can see them in person. Borders is my guilty pleasure art book place. So while very sad that they are closing, I did take advantage of the going out of business sale. I got books primarily on mixed media techniques because I'm feeling a huge desire to play with that, and on artistic journaling (using mixed media techniques). All of that to tell you that these paint pens will be awesome additions to my arsenal!!

I also got these photograph coloring inks which I can't wait to play with, as well as an old photo of a local bridge in 1944, to practice on.

And now for my favorite part of this purchase. I can't tell you why, but I'm wildly attracted to this old photo of a blurry cat. Don't ask. I really don't know why. I find it rather eerie and ghost like and I love it. I don't know if the cat has a black chin spot or it if's mouth is open, but I like to imagine it is giving a odd little moan. I'm not usually attracted to that kind of thing. Go figure. I see it as a happy haunting cat. It doesn't look happy, but it is in my pretend world.

Dang.. there are so many blog posts I want to do and so little time! Now that my hands are letting me create again, I've got a small custom order for a ... get this... FIVE year old who loves my jewelry - How cute is that?! As well, I'm doing Lorelei's shadow box challenge that I haven't even started yet because I can't find my studio table, a bead soup blog party which isn't for another month but I received my lovely beads so my head is already spinning on that one (another blog post). Ummm.. And I want to post about my vending set up, photos of my messy and clean studio (don't be fooled, the clean photos are from quite awhile ago), my bead soup blog partner, and someday I want to share how the solar energy works to power my studio and our home. And.. who knows what else!

And on a totally unrelated topic. Check out these old crates I bought at another "local" antique/junk store. Needless to say I LOVE them. I'm a bit of a wood crate slut.

How could I possible resist these paints when they came in a little wooden box? Who cares if I don't *reeeeeaalllly* need them. What does need have to do with creativity???

Much love!


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