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I was thinking about sending a number of you personal invites to this website, but I don't want to be a pain in the you know where, so I'll just tell you what it is to me, and if you want to join, you can.;-) It is a social jewelry site more than a selling place (although you can sell ) and I've met many great people and seen lots of gorgeous work at all skill levels. The tone is always pleasant and people are so friendly and helpful. There are also free tutorials and videos as well as a place to blog, individual groups, such as wire wrapping, chain maille, lapidary, metal clay, and lampworking , a forum to ask questions, share thoughts, and more! I am not affiliated in any way other than being a happy member. So if you're into it, go check it out and, of course, come say hi!! (my user name is ShayStone).

Here's the link:


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hey Shay! I'm glad you did this as I think it's a wonderful way to get the word out about jewelrygeeks.com I stumbled upon it via Pippi's blog and found you there too! It is a great place and I highly recommend it for other jewelry designers/creators.

Janice said...

Oh, and come visit us at our newly redesigned site - http://www.jewelryartistsnetwork.com/community

We just moved into our new digs and are working out some tiny kinks but hope to see you there!! !


Lola_D said...

Girl, now you know I am a total JG fanatic! I love the place! Marcy was genius! Reminds me- I still need to donate!! EEEEEK

Jewelrygeeks is total loveliness! JOIN! JOIN! JOIN!

Lola_D said...

BTW Did I mention how much I like your blog page!! Excellently fun design!

sri said...

Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog work.. keep it up..
will drop by your site often.. Do find time to visit my blog and post your comments..
Have a great day.. Cheers!!!

KT Vestitures said...

Hi there Shay!
Thank you for your lovely comment on my copper bracelet, i enjoyed making it! :D

I love your work... it is so pretty!

I am also a member of Jewelery Geeks and Jewelry Artist Network.... i love being a part of both their sites, and i find the members very warm and friendly...and very helpful also!

I would highly recommend both sites for Jewelry makers to be a part of!

I hope you have a fantastic day,

Take Care,

From Tracey

Swati Nigam said...

Oh where Oh where has Ms. ShayStone gone??

Shay Stone said...

Wow... I did disappear didn't I! I don't know where I was. Did any of you see me wandering around aimlessly??

I'm so glad to see all of you here and at JG:) I do have to get over to the Jewelry Artist Network and spend some time perusing. Just what I need -- another place to get addicted to!

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