My Goddess Pendant has moved on...

I made this pendant some time ago and she is one of my favorites to wear. Actually one of the few pieces I do wear other than a chain maille bracelet that I wear ALL the time. Oh how I love chain maille! A few days ago, she jumped ship on me! Somewhere along the day of errands and shopping I noticed her chain broken and hanging loose on my neck. Oh what a sad sight to see. Fortunately one thing popped in my mind, "Hey! I made this and I can make another similar one." She won't be my first and she won't be the same, but I'll still enjoy her just the same. The other thing that came to mind is that she must have left because someone else needs her. This is the thought that gives me solace at times. I used to be very competitive -- well I suppose I still am, but I don't exercise it much. At one point I wanted to be a professional billiards player (that's another story), and I sure did love playing, but I got so upset and down on myself when I lost that it was damaging to me. My friend talked to me about it one day and said, "You must have lost because she (my opponent) needed to win. For whatever reason in her life she needed to win -- maybe she had a bad day or she needed the boost of self-esteem -- whatever the case, she needed it more than you. That sentiment has helped me so much in life, I just love it. So in any case, as I'm rambling on here, I tell myself that someone else needs my goddess. She is making someone out there happy! (crossing my fingers that she didn't go in the trash!) And if she did.. maybe she's for the trash collector or dump scavenger?
I've actually been wanting to do a series of Goddesses so maybe she'll spur me on. I'm not one who likes to duplicate -- it's not that I have to have one of a kind items, it's just how my creative bug works. I make something and then move on to another, never really knowing where I'll go next. So there you have the story of my Goddess!

(The next day...) I forgot to mention that I did not carve the Goddess. She is made of bone and was hand carved in India. I got her from Szarka (a great goddess source) at:
Magpie Gemstones


Kathleen, a Glass Artist said...

Very cool story. Sorry you lost her, but as you discussed, maybe someone else needed her more and will treasure her.

Looking forward to seeing your new Goddess collection. Should be wonderful and great fun.

Shay said...

Thanks Kathleen:) I'm working on a silver, turquoise and coral Goddess now, so hopefully I'll get her posted in the near future.

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