Mandala, photography, and a few thoughts

So I was sitting here thinking that I might as well post something I've made in the recent past rather than posting nothing because I've not had a chance to get back to "The Project"...(for some reason, I'm hearing evil laughter in my head.)

I began to look for a photo, but couldn't figure out which one so I decided to post a variety. Sad thing is -- even with these 4 options, I'm still not thrilled with the photos. It's also rather amazing how different a piece looks with different backgrounds. How are we to choose which is the most "real" representation. Oh so many conversations I can have with myself ;) It all makes me wonder if I'll ever be happy with my own jewelry photography? I think a lot of you know what I'm saying. It's quite a process -- the jewelry photography thing -- who knew! I imagine I'll find a happy ground one of these days, I just wonder when and what the ground will feel like;) I like the piece. She was fun and different to make and I got to play with some gorgeous faceted apatite and faceted cube amethysts. Now for some photos...

Any photo conversations in your own head that you care to share??
Any thoughts on my own thoughts?
I do love a good share:)


Kat said...

IIIIIIIII LOVE IT! I can't believe I came across this post...I just went to a REAP meeting this past Tuesday night and the lady that hosted it makes Mandalas! She paints hers and I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate it into jewelry...Now, you have inspired me to get the creative juices flowing! By the way, the rust tile shot is my favorite!
Keep up the awesome work!

Shay Stone said...

lol... Thanks Kat! You've given me a big smile after a tiring day. I'm so thrilled that it inspires you; that's the best. ;-) Thanks for the input on the photo. I think I like the rust tile as well. One of these days, I'm going to do a photo shoot with various backgrounds and get everyone's input. Funny thing is that we all vary so much in what we like!

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