My "New" Antique Spool Cabinet

I have loved this old thread spool cabinet for many years. It's been in my family for awhile and used to be in my moms quilt store when I was about 9 years old or so. Little did I know when I was a youngster that I would so desire it as an adult. I've long imagined how awesome it would be to have it in my jewerly studio and now it is! Yipeee! My dad sent it to me for my birthday, and after the adventure of driving a few hours to pick up the crate, unpack it and get it upstairs, now I get to fill it with whatever little pretty jewelry supplies I want! I am soooooo lucky. I'm so overwhelmed by it and I just don't even know where to start! Beads? Cabs? Finished work? Tools? How much fun is that! I have some information buried on my desk here that gives the year that these were made, but of course it is hiding from me so I can't share it at this moment. I'll come back with it though.

If you look onto the top right surface of the cabinet, you can barely see a small dark circle. (look real hard) Below, I've shown a blown up photo of it that reveals it is a hinged lid with a little removable glass bowl. Apparently it is an ink well because the top of the cabinet, which slopes slightly downward toward the front, was used as a desk top as well. A clever design I think. I've also shown a photo with my pliers in the cabinet to give a bit of perspective. Now... to fill it! I know, poor me right?


Janice said...

It is FABULOUS!!! Treasure it! I'm so glad you are going to USE it, I hate when things sit off as 'collectors' items -- I think they lose value when they aren't used. USE it well!! :)

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Oooooo - what a special gift especially because it has so much meaning and you will put it to fabulous use!

Shay Stone said...

Thanks to you both Janice and Beverly! I agree -- I love to see things being used rather than saved for resale. I will indeed use it well. And it IS fabulous isn't it!! I do love its history within my family and I can only wonder what other families used it before mine:)

Swati Nigam said...

Wait a minute! Your birthday? When was/is your birthday?? I missed it??

And the cabinet is fabulous!!!! Even more fabulous is knowing how happy you are. So what I judged from your email to me wasn't wrong...LOL!! I emailed you back, and then came to my blog and saw your blog had been updated. So I came here and saw these posts...and knew that I was ARE feeling good!! Wooooohooooo!!!!!

Shay Stone said...

How could I not feel good with that beautiful piece of furniture to fill up! And the b-day was back in February so don't worry, you didn't even know me then!!

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