My oh my what a day..

So yesterday we ran out of water. If you know me at all, you'll know that I live off-grid up in the mountains. We get our water from a spring - gravity fed. The spring pops up into a creek where we "catch" it in a box and direct it our way. Sounds nice, but it's a lot of upkeep -that spring. It's been raining for days (thanks to the goddess for that! We need it) Long story short -- wet, mud, sitting in wet mud, walking water lines in the snow, tripping over all the fallen branches and trees under said snow, raining, dripping, hurting, gasping, OUT OF SHAPE, trouble shooting, sinking in wet mud, foot comes out of rubber boots, standing in mud pulling boot out of it's very rooted positing in the muck, breathing, finding about 7 breaks in the water line, fixing some myself and getting help for others, wet, mud, sitting in wet mud. You get it. Finally after one long day we get to have baths tonight rather than heating up rainwater on the stove. Yeah!!! I'll tell you, one thing I do by living up here is really appreciate and never take for granted - water, electricity, gasoline for generator, and propane (so glad we can get deliveries here!).
So that was my day and now I get to go enjoy that luxurious warm bath!!! Good night :)


Gemlover said...

You asked on Jewelry Geeks for blog listings, I have added your blog to my reader, so I will follow your posts. my blog is:


DesignsbyMRK said...

I too lived off the grid at the edge of the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness area in Montana. Those were some truly awesome years I spent working a placer mining claim and attending collge fulltime! ~sigh~ pristine water from the Silver Butte River, and yes! I too had a 3500 watt gas powdered honda generator hehee my classmates couldn't get over how I could make coffee and get a nice, hot shower every morning hehee but I'd have water heating all the time on the woodburning stove . . . such fond memories I have of those days :-) thanks but, I am sorry you had a tuff day.

Good thing there are always tomorrow



Shay said...

Thanks for the link John! I've added you to my reader's list. I really enjoy seeing what everyone is doing:)

Shay said...

Hi Marilyn! Oh it sounds like you were in one beautiful place. I think we have/had the same generator;) I'm lucky in that I pretty much have all the amenities as the on-grid folks though. I sure do LOVE my computer!
We are lucky to have propane delivered which makes All the difference in the world. Oh, hot water and a gas cookstove:)

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