Fusing wire

I think it's probably been a couple of years that I've wanted to play with fusing wire, but never got around to buying any fine silver to try it. I have, however, had argentium sterling for about a year now and had no idea that you could fuse it until now. What fun! All I've really done it make some slender hammered "stacking " rings, but hey, I love them. I've seen them around on Etsy, but had no idea how simple they are to make. I have a vision of making a bunch of them and taking them to a gathering or ritual so that I can give one to everyone. I think that would be really sweet. Not that every one would like them just because I do.. LOL.. but hey, it's the thought right? Anyway, enough talking, here are a couple of photos of the rings and fusing set up.


Swati Nigam said...

That's a beautiful idea...to give a ring each to people at a ritual/gathering. I am sure they will love it! I make jewelry, but I hardly ever wear any! But, I know that if I received a handmade stacking ring, I'll be very happy! What gauge wire have you used to make your stacking ring? I want to experiment with some 16/18 gauge square wire, and try stamping on it. I have always stamped on wider ring shanks so far. But won't it be cool to have words stamps on these stacking rings?

Shay said...

Yes.. absolutely! I did a little stamping while playing with these as well, but have yet to oxidize them. I'll have to wait and see what wonderful things you stamp on yours! Off the top of my head, I think I used 14 gauge and maybe some 16. I may have tried 18 and found them a bit too dainty for me, but really lovely in and of themselves.
I'm a lot like you in the making of jewelry and not wearing it! We're so bad... I have a necklace that has a number of pendants/amulets that I've collected over the years and that's pretty much all I wear. I occasionally wear one of my own pieces, but I so much enjoy all the other artists whose work I own that I want to wear their!
Look forward to seeing your rings Swati:)

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