My next project and personal challenge

I've been working on a new project with a few goals in mind. Here are the goals:

-Oxidize the finished piece
-Make an ornate higher end piece that takes lots of hours to complete
-Use higher quality stones
-Don't stray too far from the original loosely based idea in my head

The main challenge for me is that as I work, I'll start forming a piece and it will transition into something else all together. In general, I love that, but I want to try to do something different!
I also usually find a peaceful ending to a piece some hours before I could really end it. This is okay because it's my natural style, but just once I want to keep working on the same piece for days if not weeks. Oxidising? -- Just want to try it. Higher quality stones? This one isn't too hard except for the fact that I have scarcity issues around the more expensive stones and have a difficult time using them all in one place - you know?
On top of these challenges, I've decided to take some photos along the way and share them with you. Here's a little teaser for ya...


Swati Nigam said...

So this is what that this looks like (I saw the blog post above this one first). This one promises to be an outstanding piece...we can already see that.

Shay said...

Thanks Swati:) It's definitely a bit of a different path for me but I sure am enjoying it.

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