A Detour

Apparently I don't have time to work on my jewelry for a number of days. I took on the project of taking lots of leftover things in a house that my friends moved out of, in order to clean them and give them to goodwill. I can't stand seeing things go to the garbage, so sometimes I get myself caught up in crazy endeavors like this. The result is lots of stuff piled through the house that needs to be dealt with asap before Jesse and I go absolutely crazy!
Soon I will be playing with wire again. For now, it's back to work!



Perfectly Twisted said...

Shay! Your blog is amazing!! Am I wiggin out or have I missed coming here before??? Am I wiggin out or did you just remodel??? I LOVE this blog. Outstanding dear! Hugs and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Shay, Izzy told me about your blog and I have to agree---I think the design is divine! The personal journal format it to die for and then the background that you have, it looks like an ond fashioned table cloth.....very very nice! And I am fascinated by wire work, so you just have everything right here for me! Teri

Shay said...

Thanks you two! Yes Izzy.. it is a recent remodel and new addiction! Great to see you here:)

Shay said...

Hey Teri:) Thanks for the compliment on the backgroud. I love it too! I didn't create it by any means. I wish I knew how though. I'm so glad that I have things for you to enjoy!!

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