Tutorial Fun: Spiral Prong Ring by Swati Nigam of Fleur Violette Jewelry

This beauty is the Spiral Prong Ring by Swati Nigam of Fleur Violette Jewelry, and this is the first installment of what I hope to be an ongoing sharing of other artists' tutorials which are then mangled... ahem... attempted with stunning precision, by myself. I hope you enjoy it!

Here are two rings that I made from Swati's tutorial
The turquoise ring (far left) is word for word from the tutorial while on the red jasper ring at the right, I just added an additional wire to make a wider ring shank. I had lots of fun with this tut, and being someone who loves spirals, I was hooked from the first time I saw it. What a clever way to hold a stone, eh?
Swati's ring tutorial has all the detailed photos that you could possible ask for, with a clear explanation as to how to create this magnificent ring. If you are up for something new, I highly encourage you to go check it out! And on top of that, Swati is an awesome person and a spectacular jeweler.
Thanks for the great tutorial Swati!

Here are the specifics for Swati Nigam if you'd like to check her out. (and I hope you do!)

Fleur Violette Jewelry on Etsy
Fleur Violette Jewelry Blog
Fleur Violette Website (under construction but coming soon!)


Swati said...

Thank you Shay!! :-))) Your rings turned out really great!! And most of all I am happy to see you make something...been waiting to see your work. LOL! You know that. I try not to pester you, but I really love your work, and want to see more of your stuff. :-)))) Hope to chat with you tonight!

Shay Stone said...

Well it was my pleasure of course! Yes, I'm glad to see me creating as well. I've been so busy with the internet side of things that the creating has been lagging behind. I'll try to keep it going so I can please you! LOL... (you feel free to pester away!)

Yes, hopefully we can have a chat tonight:)

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