Fun With Tutorials

As I was making a ring from a tutorial yesterday, it got me thinking about tutorials and how much I love them. I like them for a number of different reasons too. I suppose the first, since we are drawn to the finished piece when we buy one, would be the design. Learning a new design in other words. For me it is more about learning the skills that went into the design rather than the finished design because in the end I will want to adapt it to my own style. It's also about a new way of looking at things as far as the creative process goes. For example, in the structure of the ring I just made, I wouldn't have thought of doing it like that and now I have a new way to think about creating. It's amazing how many doors that can open into our vast minds.

The second huge factor is that I love to support other artists when I can and this is a superb way to do it. Sometimes I can figure out how an artist made something without buying the tut but I love to get it anyway. Not only am I supporting them, but I also get a glimpse at them as well since it comes from their minds and is written by their hands.

Another reason I love 'em is that they are great for when you are lacking inspiration. If I'm at a loss or in a slump I have this guide that I can just pick up and follow the instructions. I don't necessarily even have to have on my creative hat. Just make it already! Virtually every time this will lead be back to my center and on my way to making something new.

And FUN!... did I say tutorials are fun, exciting, and a new adventure?

I'll bet there are more reasons that I'm not thinking of at the moment. Why do you love tutorials? Help me think of all the reasons so we can have a big list here in the comments.

What this all leads to for me is that I'm going to start sharing information about the artists and links to their work when I make something from a tutorial. That way, you can find out about it if you hadn't already seen it, possibly buy the tutorial yourself, and you can see more awesome artists out there. Sound fun? I think so! My first tutorial post will be soon to follow:)


SCJ Jewelry Design said...

I've never tried purchasing a tutorial in fear that the instructions won't be well written to follow. I'm more the visual.auditory learner. Nice to read that some are very well done and easy to follow. I have a few I'd like to try - now I think I will go ahead and order one!

Lola D said...

Totally agree! In the last 3 months I have bought way too many tuts! LOL Not because they are bad, but because my pocket book is suffering!! LOL I love them though! I've written two with a third in the works! I've noticed that I love to buy advanced tuts, but I make easy to beginner ones. Anyway, Yes, I like to look at them for the construction. I've seen so many now that I have fun trying to figure out the construction of a tut. You are right--- excellent fun!

Shay Stone said...

Oh excellent Sandy! I hope that you do go and buy one. Just be careful... they can be addicting as both I and Lola D know too well! I'm with you Lola--I've got a number of tuts that I haven't even had a chance to try yet. Hopefully soon:)

Swati said...

I love buying tuts too! I have many :-)).

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