The First Glass Beads (you asked for it!)

Now somebody who knows what they are doing would most likely cringe at the above close up of a bead, but I think it's awesome!

On Sunday I went to the glass studio for the second time. It was an open studio and I was the only one that showed up so I got to play at the torch for a few hours and chat with the instructor about making beads and cats (he has 5 very cute kitties).

Here are two of them:

It was a great day and I get to go do it again next Sunday (very excited). While there, I made seven more beads and I think I got a little closer to getting them round at least. I'm not playing with a real broad color selection so the colors aren't my favorites, but its all about learning the techniques right now. I did learn a new technique to kind of spin one color into another making a spiraly, wavy kinda thing. Can't wait to see them next week!

So... Here are some photos of the 2 beads that I made on the first day of class, thus my first glass beads:) They have their issues and they haven't had their holes cleaned out, but here they are in all their glory.

I'm still pounding away at the wire creating too. Right now I'm working on a custom watch band for a woman I met at the first lampworking class as well as some cute little angel/fairy/goddess kind of things. Photos and posts soon to come!


Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

I think your wacky beads are kinda cool. Where's the law that says beads have to be perfectly round?

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Great beads Shay! I think they are rockin' and as with everything, practice will take you where you want to be.

I agree with Deborah, who says they have to be perfectly round? However, we all know there are 'purists' in every art form that are firm believers things have to be a certain way. I like to look at these things as a way of expressing our own unique creativity!

You go girl. I can tell you are having fun and these are beauties! :D

Shay Stone said...

Thanks Deborah:) I'm going to make that be my new mantra while creating at the torch ... "Who says beads have to be round"!

Kathleen, I think you are totally right - we are definitely expressing our own unique creativity in everything we do. I'm actually not at all bothered that my beads aren't round. They have.... character:) With my new mantra, I may just go for off round beads! Well, maybe after I learn how to make them round first :P

In any case, it was great fun and I can't wait to go do it again! Now I have to shut down the instant gratification beast and wait til Sunday!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

So fun! Fabulous first beads!

Shuku said...

Shay, those are BEAUTIFUL beads. I don't care if they're not round! My first ones weren't either, in fact one turned out looking rather like a lopsided rose. I love glass - it was addiction at first torching, and I only wish I could continue with it, but there's just no supplies here to do so. :/

Practice makes perfect but honestly? Perfect sometimes is boring if it's just plain round. Imperfections have character - at least, that's what I tell myself (though I make darned sure that whatever I make, I make it as best as I can, and THAT'S the perfectionist in me coming out!)

I'm so glad you're having fun. It's magical, isn't it? The glass is just like melted sugar, and it's soooooo fascinating to work with!

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Hi Shay - check out the Giveaway going on now at my blog!

Shay Stone said...

Thanks Beverly!

Shay Stone said...

Shuku, I'm so bummed that you can't get the supplies that you need there. I sure would love to see what you would be making in glass. It frustrates me to hear about others who can't get the supplies they need without shipping across the world:(

I agree completely that working with glass is both magical and addictive! I get to go play with it tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it:)

Shay Stone said...

Thanks Deborah... I'm on it!

Swati said...

There they are!!! :-))) And I think they are lovely!! You should make special jewelry pieces for yourself with those...your first beads!

Shay Stone said...

Awww.. thanks Swati:)

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