A Finished Bracelet

First let me say... "WooHoo!! I finished something!" I've been having a teeny little problem in that area lately. LOL. And actually taking pictures of finished pieces? Well that's a whole 'nother story.

This is the maybe the 3rd or 4th bracelet I've made over the years. I usually make pendants, but I had so much fun with this that I'm sure I will have to make more.

It is made with Argentium sterling silver wire, sapphires and emeralds. I thought about adding in a third color, but for now, this is it, I kinda like just the blue and green. This is one of those pieces that challenges me in pricing for sale because it took me so long to weave. It's one of those moments where you realize that being someone who loves to make one of a kind pieces without pre-planning a design, doesn't much leave you able to cover the cost of labor because each step in creating is a little slower than if I were doing a similar thing each time.

I'm beginning to adjust to that fact in pricing jewelry. I'd rather get paid for my time at a reasonable rate, but I'd also rather see my pieces on someone else other than myself! lol.. But for now, this baby is mine:)

As an afterthought, now I'm wondering, would any of you like to through some prices around since you don't know any of the creating details?

Here are a couple of "in action" photos:

And here are a couple more of the finished piece. Thanks for looking:)


Swati said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have already told what I think of it, and what the price should be :-D. And please can you send the picture to the magazine gallery? :-)))

Shay Stone said...

Thank you dear friend! I'll see what I can do about that magazine thing:) I never have tried that.

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

It is gorgeous but I have no idea about pricing wire work. I can't do it, but I'm sure it's very time consuming. It would be for me at least!:)

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Shay, this is really, really beautiful and it looks like a ton of work and talent went into it. I have a difficult time pricing things that take extraordinary amounts of time and I probably underprice those things often. If you want a number, I guess I would say something in the 300-400's range. But in the end, it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. It is a wonderful piece of art and I'll bet someone will appreciate the time and talent that went into it enough to pay what it's worth to you. I'd try to get it into a high quality art gallery with buyers who are looking for exceptional items such as this.

Mei (WireBlissMei) said...

Wow! Beautiful piece and work Shay. I'd keep it for myself too if I were you :)

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Wow Shay! Awesome. I've been wondering about asking folks what they think for prices of some of my fused glass pieces too....may have to try that.

This is such a spectacular piece. I'm thinking at bare minimum, $300. All the wire and your time...I have a hard time knowing what to price my jewelry pieces too.

Nice tattoo too!

pippijewelry said...

I'm so glad to see the finished piece! It is even more gorgeous than the snippet you posted a while back! Brava! :D

In regards to pricing: I have found that I am proficient enough with my wire working skills that even when I am making up a piece as I go, I am not much slower than I am making something I know how to make. With that in mind, I just keep track of my time, and charge my set hourly rate for the hours put into a piece. The work we do is time-consuming, and it takes some skill, so I don't feel bad about charging for my time, and you shouldn't either!

Shay Stone said...

Thanks Tammy - I'd be clueless pricing your beautiful work as well! lol..

Sandy, thank you for your input. It's true, it all comes down to what someone will pay for it, but it's been fun getting input from other jewelers.
I had a friend tell me yesterday that I am underpricing and I was blown away - even knowing that we as a whole tend to underprice, I felt my prices were too high. lol.. There just is no right answer I think. Some people want everything on the very inexpensive side and others value the middle and high end.

Thank you Mei!! I sure am enjoying wearing it:)

Kathleen, you're a sweetie as usual! Glad you like the tattoo. It's a pretty sentimental one with many meanings for me. You know it is interesting to see how others would price your work. I felt rather uncomfortable when I decided to ask, but it's been neat to hear the answers.

Pippi, you rock as usual. I find you to be very on top of your jewelry creating and pricing, and cooking, and biking and... :) You are a creating machine! And what awesome things you make. I'll definitely keep your advice in mind!

Thanks again everyone!

Dana Raphael said...

Holy Crow! What an BEAUTIFUL bracelet! Well Done Shay!

K S Jewellery Designs said...

Hey Shay Hooray!
Congrats on finishing your bracelet. I have to say your photos are excellent and show the bracelet off perfectly. I love it and think that you should keep it or give it as a gift to someone. Pricing something so special is very hard.
What's your next project?
Kristin :)

Shay Stone said...

Thank you so much Dana!

And to you as well Kristin:) Thanks for the compliments on the photos. Seems like I'm always trying something different. As far as my next project goes.. Well right now I'm doing a series of fairy/goddess/angel type things. lol.. I'm not sure what will come next!

Shuku said...

Oh Shay this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I'd wear it in a heartbeat! And I do agree with Mei and some of the others, you might want to keep it for yourself, it's such a lovely piece!

Shay Stone said...

Thank you Shuku!
Yup, I'm keeping it so far:)

Rick M said...

I am a big fan of Argentium Sterling Silver due to the fact that it does not easily tarnish, and looks great. My company has been using it for some of our wedding band styles for a little over a year now. While it's been slow to catch on with retailers, the metal has a great price point. Argentium sterling silver is a good choice if someone is looking to step up from ordinary sterling silver.

If interested, take a peek - http://www.novelldesignstudio.com/products.php?category=70.

Emi Kaz said...

Beautiful work of art..Love it

Shay Stone said...

Thanks much Emi:)

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