A couple more new necklaces

I've been happily creating away lately, but I seem to be in a battle with my camera. I think either it has changed on me or I can't take decent photos anymore! Actually... I think my camera hates me, but what can I say. I did manage to get a few clear pics this morning so I wanted to share my latest two necklaces with you.

I've been having lots of fun doing goddess pieces lately. I started off doing rather large copper pieces as you can see here. Those pieces were more focused on chunky and raw stones, while these latest two are getting back into the silver and more sparkly gemstones. I'll tell ya, I am loving making both styles. They have such movement and radiant energy. I can't wait to see who's neck they end up on!
Hugs around,


Pretty Things said...

I just love the goddesses, especially the jade one!

Shay Stone said...

Thanks Lori! She is actually serpentine, or "new jade", and I like her too :) I'm glad you are enjoying them!

Swati said...

"Happily creating" is wonderful to read Shay! ((((hugs))))

*gemagenta* Lorena Martinez said...

Hi Shay! thank you! :) Being in The Voter made my day! :)
And thank you so much for posting AGAIN in my deleted comments, you are so sweet!
Have a great weekend! :)

Shay Stone said...

Thanks Swati:) It's fun to be doing too!

Lorena - you are most welcome!

Magda said...

This black pedant is so pretty:) I like it very much:) Greetings:)

Shay Stone said...

Thanks so much Magda :) Great to meet you!

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