Inspired by spirals

This is a piece I did the other night. A few days ago I picked up pen and paper to see what might come out. I don't usually sketch things first, so it was a little experiment. I've been playing with wire since then trying different things out. This is a pretty big piece, almost covering the palm of my hand. It has turquoise, smoky quartz, jade and amber within it's form. I've been playing with the spiral theme since this piece, so I'll post something else in a little while. Unfortunately, while I am very inspired by woven designs, my carpal tunnel won't permit as much as I'd like to do. I just have to take it a little bit at a time. It's hard at times, but I try to be patient!


Swati Nigam said...

I have no clue why I had not seen your blog before. You surely must have given a link in YOJ? I am totally falling in love with your work. This piece...I think its a pendant? It is so awesome, that not only will it make a lovely pendant, if you make another one, they'll be GORGEOUS earrings!

Shay said...

lol.. Swati,
You are a sweetie! I don't think I ever did post a link on YOJ. I'm only beginning to keep up with the blog now and before it was pretty much for me and friends. I'm sure I've told YOU that I love your work as well?!
Glad you like the piece!

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