Laytonville Art Walk - Saturday!

I'll be there! Will you?

How wonderful is it that our little town is going to have it's first ever art walk? Pretty spectacular I think. I often wish our town was more artistically active and have often fantasized about opening a local art cooperative, but I'm just not the right one to be organizing such things. I've got to send a huge thank you to local businesswoman Tara who owns the Tattoo shop, "Tattoo Magic." She has put so much work into making this a reality. Thanks Tara!

Last I heard there will be over 30 vendors (myself included). Exciting! Oh and what makes it even better is that proceeds from the raffle go to buy art supplies for the local school. That makes me verrrry happy.

Hope to see you there :)


Thank You Bloggers!

That there is my bad ass handwritten computer graphic skills. Yep... aren't you glad I'm not a professional hand writer or computer graphic -"ist"?

This is my big thank you to my fellow bloggers out there. I adore you. I love learning from you, being inspired by you, laughing with you, being entertained by you, sharing in your trials, and in general experiencing a bit of what it is like to be you.

Many thanks!!

Oh.. bead soup post is directly below this one :) .... Rock on!

Bead Soup Reveal Day!

Here are the components Suzette sent and the finished necklace.

What a blast this has been! Really, the whole process of being a participant, getting a partner (Suzette of Ellie's Bijoux) , meeting my partner, picking out bead soup for her, receiving my soup, thinking about what to make and getting excited to see what she makes, looking at some of the participants blogs ahead of time, watching Lori pull the whole thing together, using all the components to make a necklace, blogging about my partner and her work, photographing my new challenge piece and coming here to pull it all together and blog for the reveal day. Whew!

This type of challenge is so much fun in that it takes me out of my usual creative process. I feel like I created something that I never would have thought of had I been completely on my own. It was lots of fun starting off with the pieces Suzette sent me, then scrounging in my own stock to decide what I wanted to mix in. I found a pyrite moon to place behind the cute bird charm, jasper beads that mimic the rectangular focal, 3 colors of silk that I braided into the neck piece, as well as horn, jade, and serpentine, copper and brass, and wood. What a great color palate she sent me to work with and we surprisingly sent each other quite similar colors. Check it out:

Thanks Suzette for sending me such a fun bunch of pretties!

For this bead soup party, we were to send our partner a focal piece, clasp, and coordinating beads. The rule is that you must use the focal and clasp, but not necessarily the others. When I got my package, I thought that I'd end up using every piece that she sent me, but the necklace turned out to be "done" before I got to use quite everything. I used most of it though! Some participants will make multiple pieces with their lot, but I chose to make just one piece. I also decided to make it a lariat style necklace with no clasp so I took the clasp and turned it into a link to hold the wire spiral. Here's how I altered it with a bit of oxidized copper wire:

Now that I've shared my piece with you, please join in the blog hop and enjoy posts from the other 361 participants. You are bound to find lots of new artists and blogs to follow. I already have! Here's another fun thing to check out, thanks to Lori Anderson putting it together. It's a map of all the participants locations. Now that is 362 people from 21 countries in 5 continents! Click here to see the map.

I want to give a big heartfelt thank you to Lori for all the work you've done to pull this together. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Okay, here they are:

The Hostess, Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke

Thanks so much for joining in the hop! I'm off to bed and can't wait to get up tomorrow and check out what everyone made :) Happy sleeping, creating, waking, working, playing or whatever else you are doing!

~ Shay

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